Take Your Solo or Small Business Online

Create a stellar website that attracts your ideal clients

... even if your NOT a Tech-Savvy small business boss!

As a solo or small business owner, delegating website building tasks is ok if the price is in your budget. Hiring a web developer can cost you thousands in building fees, and ongoing maintenance and update costs. 


Does this Sound Familiar?

Expenses stand in the way of you hiring a web developer.

You don't know what platform to pick - which is best?

You're afraid to mess things up.

You don't know a thing about marketing yourself online.

You don't know exactly how to make it function for your business.

Technology frightens you and don't know where to start.

You have no idea what content to put into your website.

You don't know how to create stunning graphics to make your website pop.

Deer in the headlights look when anyone speaks tech talk to you.

There's good news...

You don’t need to be a tech-geek to learn how to build your own website. It’s easier than ever to build your own website without learning to how to code and without the huge expense.

Anyone can build one. Even YOU! 

Websites are one of your biggest marketing assets. You want to get it right.  A smart business owner is one that takes responsibility and realizes - You NEED to be part of it. You're the expert in your business.

And I will let you in on a little secret...

You're going to be part of the whole process anyhow!


Want to get online without the drain on your budget?

Welcome to Websites to Profits Academy!

For the last 20+ years I have been developing websites and marketing online for clients all over the world.  The best of both wrapped into one!  What I've found, over the years, is that a ton of my time is spent coaching clients on the "how and why" of online marketing in order to build their foundation.

Online strategies keep changing and clients needed to keep up with these changes.  If I didn’t know the answer, I got the answers by furthering my knowledge and skill-sets and then implemented those strategies with my clients,  working together to take their business to the next level successfully. 

Now You can turn your passion into profits online with a sizzlin' website and personal coaching for your online marketing & content creation for a fraction of the cost of hiring a web developer and marketing team.

Imagine ...

  • Imagine having an online presence that attracts your ideal clients or customers and keeps them returning to get the exact answers to their problems.
  • Imagine being anywhere in the world and updating your website on the fly.
  • Imagine having a website that allows your to "always be open",  working for you even while you sleep.
  • Imagine the independence you'll feel, knowing you can do changes yourself without the reliance on someone else's schedule.
  • Imagine the 10's of 1000's of dollar$ you will save,
  • Imagine the empowerment of knowing now EXACTLY what to do and no longer letting technology intimidate you.
  • Imagine having your own Go-to Web Developer and Online Marketing Coach in your back pocket anytime you need technology help or guidance to grow online!

Inside Websites to Profits Academy

  • Create a unique and stunning professional website with confidence and ease with easy step by step lessons.
  • Build an online presence that reflects your brand, attracts your ideal clients and looks great on all devices.
  • Learn how to create pages on the fly and update your website ANYTIME with fresh content.
  • Understand the principles of marketing yourself online so you know exactly how to weave it into your website from the get-go.
  • Learn how to market yourself on a tight budget and get optimal impact.
  • Create auto-pilot systems for maintenance, backups and updates.
  • Add automation into your marketing strategies so your always open online 24.7.
  • Remain 100% in control of your website and reduce the expenses that drain your budget.
  • Have a deep understanding behind the controls so you are always in the drivers seat of your business.
  • Grow a profitable and sustainable business and start playing bigger online.
  • Get Step by step guidance through the "techy" stuff so you can play bigger too!
  • 3 Academy levels. One to get your website operational, One to build your content strategy. One to add enhancement and advance your tech skills. We cover it all step by step!
“A coach is in the middle ~ a teacher and a friend…
For me, website coaching has helped me develop my confidence in my capabilities of higher performance.  My coach has measured and reported on my progress, which was a tremendous boost to my visibility.  I was able to write creatively and added my personality to my website

Pushpa Bansal - Matrix Tapper

Why all small business bosses should dive in with

your very own Personal Online Business Coach...


Top 4 Winner in Graphic/Web Design, Karen Hilts, for the Hamilton Spec Reader's choice awards. Oct 2017.

  • Save your business thousands of dollars it would cost to build, manage and maintain a website with expert mentorship
  • We'll work together to get you past all the scary technical hurtles that hold you back from getting online
  • You'll get access my 30,000+ hours of expert tech skills to tap into, reduce the overwhelm, & keep you moving forward
  • Plus Access my 1000's of hours of online marketing training skills so you don't have to waste one moment or spend more money 
  • Save $1000's more with access to the tips, tricks, and shortcuts that you'd otherwise pay big bucks for time to implement.
  • I'll help you cut through the overwhelming (and sometimes scary), clutter of "expert suggestions" that bombard your inbox daily.
  • Never get duped by Tech Talk sales pitches saying you need this or that because you have your own personal guru in your back pocket watching your back. 
  • You'll have an Empowering sense of accomplishment and satisfaction for being part of the process, learning the ropes, and having a handle on your most valuable asset.
  • Provides access to a community to gain ideas, learn from peers, access feedback and get overwhelming support on your business goals. 
  • NEVER feel alone or isolated in your quest to fulfill your vision for your business. 

I love working with you because you are so passionate about what you do, and you can transform 'Geek-Speak' to non-techy people like myself, and have it make perfect sense. XO... Love the work that you do, Karen Hilts!

~ Amy Thomson - amythomson.ca

Are you ready to learn?

Here's what we'll cover in Website Academy (Level 1):

Level 1 - Website Academy

Website Academy is like building a home. You need a solid foundation that will hold up the rest. This is where all the "techy" stuff, you need to know, is learned so that you can begin building on top of it

You will get easy-to-follow, STEP-BY-STEP instructions to get your website started and once you've done this part, you'll wonder why you ever let technology intimidate you! 

We'll jump right into getting a domain and setting up hosting, then add in a content management system (WordPress) and show you EXACTLY how to operate the controls. 

Learning is Growing! You'll be all set and ready to take the next level "Content and Marketing Academy" to begin populating your site with your core message and attracting your ideal audience. 


  • How to obtain a domain name
  • How to host your website
  • Installing and Setting up your website
  • How to install content management system
  • Set the settings of you website
  • Selecting a theme design
  • How and where to find images for your site
  • Editing images
  • How to add media
  • Creating a page
  • Creating a blog post

Starts March 19!

  • Menus and Navigation
  • Easy page building
  • Page layout design options
  • Adding functionality with plugins
  • Automate updates
  • Backing up your website files and database
  • Essential plugins
  • Adding forms on website
  • Optimizing your site
  • Adding Security
  • Search Engine Optimization basics
  • Creating a Sitemap and Robot.txt

How we will work together...

24/7 Access to Recorded Online Training Video Sessions

Download Manual and Worksheets for individual lesson modules

Live Chat Sessions for training and Q&A

Group Coaching Online

24/7 Email Support

Access to Private Community Facebook Group


  • cost of domain and hosting extra - we'll help get you started there for under $25! 

The NEXT Level Course is Content & Marketing Academy (Level 2):

Level 2 - Content and Marketing Academy


Once you're in the drivers of your website, the next step is creating compelling content that speaks to your ideal client and using marketing techniques to drive traffic to your website so it can do its job.

Content and Marketing Academy is your next class level!

Begins June 1, 2018

Get on the VIP List for Early Bird Registration!

Content and Marketing Academy

  • Creating ideal client profiles
  • Setting up key social networks
  • Using social media to support your website
  • Create marketing materials easily
  • Grow your email list & market on demand
  • Setting up a mailing list platform
  • Creating a lead page to capture emails
  • Writing compelling website content
  • Content Creation for blogs
  • Content Creation for Incredible free offers
  • Set your marketing to autopilot
  • Scheduling email and social media in advance
  • Creating a compelling newsletter
  • Add video in marketing
  • Elements of a webinar
  • Launching a product or service
  • Decision Triggers
  • Easy web tools to simplify and save time
  • Creating an ebook and other freebies
  • Leveraging Your Business
  • have an affiliate program
  • inbound marketing
  • building headlines
  • Media - Graphics and Design


If you want to join us for the 2nd level Academy course you can register for both Website Academy (Level 1) and Content & Marketing Academy (Level 2) either individually or SAVE by registering for both course levels. Payment plans available.


  • cost of domain and hosting extra - we'll help get you started there for under $25! 

Your Trainer

Karen Hilts has been helping solo business owners and entrepreneurs succeed online since 2000. She provides Web Development and Online Marketing Services for some of the most amazing business bosses from a multitude of backgrounds!

This tech savvy gal's goal is to help you to take the reigns and get in front of new audiences, increase your visibility, grow your authority, so you can generate profits. She helps you to build your foundation so you can find more leads to turn into customers or clients.

Karen also has background experience in Webinar, Live Workshop, Online/Live Training and Conference Event Coordination in addition to being a certified Social Service worker, Life and Business Coach, and a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner (Trained under Joe Vitale from the movie "The Secret"). She has complimentary backgrounds in ACE (Advanced Clearing Energetics), NLP (Neurolinguistic programming) and EFT Level 2(emotional freedom techniques) which have all enhanced her skills in helping other business owners succeed.

She recently received 4th place winner (out of 100s of nominees) for Graphic/Web Designer in the Reader's Choice Awards, voted on by local business owners just like you!

Start playing bigger and create the life and lifestyle you want!  Connect with this heart-centred online business coach and start rocking it online!